Loop candelabra - Black Blum

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    Black Blum Loop chrome candleholder
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Black Blum - Loop chrome candleholder

Black Blum - Loop

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    Black Blum Loop set of 2 white candles
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Black Blum - Loop set of 2 white candles

Black Blum - loop



Loop, a simple yet beautiful and everlasting candelabrum. 

Loop is inspired by the Fibonacci curve seen throughout nature, looking correct and balanced to the human eye. 

In spite its' simple lines, its' beauty is completely revealed when lightning all the candles.

You can be seduced by each loop individually, with its endless shapes and forms...

On the whole, you can create several patterns, enhacing the gracefulness of every single one and the beauty of your table, as each candle is being lit.

Loop is an ever changing radius made from steel. 

Awards and distinctions:

  • Grand Design's Award 2007

Black Blum
Height: 28 cm
Width: 20 cm
Depth: 13 cm



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