Tomato pizza plate - Bordallo Pinheiro

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    Bordallo Pinheiro Tomato pizza plate
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Bordallo Pinheiro - Tomato pizza plate

Tomate - prato pizza 30 - Bordallo Pinheiro

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Bordallo Pinheiro


There are indispensable ingredients for preparing a pizza. Seasonings, cheese and, of course, tomatoes.
And if tomato is also the ideal plate to serve this delicious food? So typically Italian, create a beautiful table that will remind everyone of La bella Italia.

Tomato: the most original pizza plate.

With Bordallo Pinheiro characteristic design, Tomato pizza plate will be the highlight of any table.
With a strong color, an impactful image, it is perfect to integrate the tableware.

Thanks  to its unique and very special characteristics, ​​​​​​Tomato is also the ideal gift for Pizza Lovers.

Tomato pizza plate
In earthenware and hand-painted.
Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Bordallo Pinheiro

Height: 2 cm
Diameter: 31,5 cm


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