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Sky Planter... a huge hanging garden....

Our living places should be as beautiful, smooth and calm as a forest glade. But how can we bring that green to our homes without occupying floor space?
Look up!

BOSKKE's goal is to change the way people like and get along with plants. Raising them to a whole new level...

In high quality porcelain, Sky Planter promises to delight everyone and to take good care of your plants!

With a simple and practical, dazzling design, your home will never be the same.... joyful, broad spaces!!!!
In your kitchen, living-room, balcony...

The hanging of the vases is very easy, just purchase one of the supports available here so that you can enjoy your hanging garden from the wall or from the ceiling.

Watering the vases is also an easy chore, just fill in the upper reservoir with fresh water and hang it again. The reservoir is made of unglazed porcelain allowing the earth to absorve just the necessary water.

Get to know the advantages in having a Boskke vase:

  •  Preserve water

Reduce your home plants watering up to 80% 

  • Purify the air

Breath naturally filtered air. 

  • Save time and save your plants

Water the SKY PLANTER just once or twice a month 

  • Save floor space

A practical solution for modern living areas where space can be limited

  • Change your point of view of nature

Look up and enjoy nature's beauty in a BOSKKE sky!

Join BOSKKE's gardening revolution and enjoy a heavenly forest at your home with SKY PLANTER.

Made of ceramic, white or black.

Height: 12 cm
Diameter: 9 cm


Height: 14 cm
Diameter: 10.5 cm


Height: 19 cm
Diameter: 16.5 cm




We love the suspended vases by boskke
We love the suspended vases by boskke
We love plants! That's when Boskke's originality comes in. Can you imagine your plants suspended upside down?
My first home
My first home
When you turn the front door, you must feel like you have just arrived at your dream house: your first home!

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