Amaze lounge chair - Cane Line

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    Cane Line Amaze lounge chair
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Cane Line - Amaze lounge chair

Cane Line



Amaze Lounge Chair... be amazed!

This Lounge Chair stands out for its comfort and simplicity

The wide arms and the curved wood slats in the seat create a high comfort level.

It has also included a cushion in Sunbrella Natte fabric in gray: 100% acrylic, water and stains repellent and resistant to UV rays.
The cover can be removed and washed in the washing machine at 30º degrees. It should dry naturally.

Made of Teka, a natural material that lasts a lifetime, this chaiselongue promises good times for ever!
The way it ages depends on how it was treated from the beginning: if untreated, the color changes to a beautifully silver-gray. The charm of aging!
Just pass the treatment oil once a year, and it will maintain its shine and youth.
Regardless of the choice, this wood is beautiful and classic, with a long-lasting life.

Relax ... no matter if in the sunlight or moonlight, around the pool or the fire. Amaze!


design Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen

Cane Line
Altura: 77 cm
Largura: 80 cm
Profundidade: 82 cm



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