11 December 2015

Agenda: nicolás paris

The "portrait" of a better world. Four variations around anything or talk about what has no name. An incredible exhibition, to be seen and reviewed. Arrives in Portugal, the Colombian cable that has a very particular vision of art.


Four variations around anything or talk about what has no name

From the artist Nicolás Paris, 38 years old, who is also one of the new names of Columbian art now comes to Portugal with his first solo exhibition in our country.
The exhibition is based on the "portrait" of a better world.

  • Lisbon, Museu Colecção Berardo ­ Praça do Império ­ Centro Cultural de Belém

Every day from 10.00 to 19.00 (Last entry 18:30).

Free pass


nicolás Paris



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Teresa Pontes.
Letters are her huge passion and writing is what fascinates her the most. She has understood that decoration can be so charming as the words, so, gathering together the two areas is an amazing challenge, as well as the culmination of a very rewarding adventure. To be involved in a project like and, consequently, with the blog is really overwhelming.


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