It is time to feel and let the Christmas spirit guide the way, to use and abuse of red and dark green, to dream about Santa Claus; to think about all that warm meals.
Smells like magic: it's officialy open the dream season!
It's time to reunited family around the table, to feel the little one's happiness everywhere, to let yourself go with the city lights


Christmas magic with Inexistencia.

This Christmas it's time so surprise everybody.
With minimalistic decoration, but still edgy, full of fantasy - it's like match the spirit.





And speaking of fantasy...

Alessi is the Italian brand that conceives and designs products to make people happy, that transmits Art and Poetry in each of its creations.
Every Christmas we feel and live the magic of the brand, with the small pieces full of charm - the angels who form the band and spread music everywhere, Stella that leads the way, the lovely sheep that is hard to resist, the plates covered with angels that will always be ready to receive your christmas candies, or a friendly Santa Claus that will be the guardian of your cookies and biscuits. An emotional Christmas figure.  


This is the Christmas spirit that you will want to take home! This is how you will want to give a warm welcome to your family on the 24th.
Impossible to be indifferent when it comes to these sublime but symbolic pieces.



presepe collection alessi



Designed by Massimo Giacon, this Christmas will have the stamp of Alessi!


And did you know that ...



Massimo Giacon
was born in Italy in 1961 and now divides his time in different artistic ways: as a designer, graphic artist and as a musician. A captivating personality when it comes to his career, his vision, his amazing creations and creativity. The designer who gives life to the Presepe collection for Alessi, the presepe that you will want to take to your home decor this Christmas.


The most funny Christmas town: Yours!