last update: 25 October 2018

We love autumn

In the season of earth colors, from the leaves on the floor, have you thought how to decorate your house too?


With autumn here, we want to change some of our home decoration. 
We want warmer textiles, warmer tones, afternoon teas and tastes, at table, that are also more welcoming.

It is the change of season that make us fell the desire to decorate our home for Fall season.
We want everything to be in perfect harmony.



We love o outono! 







1. The colors

The colors change. Red, orange, green are the main choice for the season. The warm yellow are also a good option.
At the end of the day, we change the vibrant colors for warm colors, that give us the feeling of well being and warm environment. 


2. The elemnts

There are elemtns that remind us of the season.
The vases to put some flowers, the candle holders to create a cozy scenario, the pumpkins. But if you want to be a little more original but keep the autumn mood, why don't you choose some pieces with irreverent lines? Find out more, here.


3. The wines

What's your favorite? From white to red, there are wines that warm dinners with friends, which are more special at a particular time of year, so there's nothing better than to elect your favorites for this fall.



4. The flavours

At table, you want hot food, more robust foods, to serve on colder days.
If you love cooking, preparing dinners at home and receiving some guests, check out our selection to complete the decoration of your table.


5. The aromas

For more than 20 years Max Benjamin, the Irish brand, has been producing luxury fragrances. From the candles to the diffusers, the Irish scent in your home. It is the perfect opportunity to spread a a good essence in your home!



6. The warm environment

Fluffy blankets, warm cushions: that's all we can ask for, when the colder days approach.
With the arrival of these seasons - autumn and winter - plans at home are the main program. Inviting friends and family will always be a good choice, but first of all you should prepare the environment.

How? With a few candles or candle holders and textiles that are the perfect details - for long conversations on the sofa or even home movie nights.




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