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The king's chair

Barcelona Chair: timeless elegance! Find out the most iconic chair of the 20th century.




Sabemos que o design moderno, contemporâneo e o sóbrio cria surpresa quando dizemos que, esta, é uma cadeira desenhada em 1929. Mas verdade é que a memorável Barcelona Chair foi projetada no século XX, para ser exibida numa importante exposição. Imponente e histórica, o rosto por detrás desta peça também marcou o século passado.




Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, foi um dos mais importantes arquitetos do século XX. Alemão, foi professor e deixou o seu país natal para partir para os Estados Unidos da América. O seu percurso notável tornou-o numa das figuras mais importantes quando falamos de design e arquitetura. Amante de linhas simples, estruturas minimalistas mas, ainda assim, apaixonado pela sofisticação e contemporaneidade,  foi há quase 90 anos que idealizou e projetou a cadeira Barcelona. Mies van der Rohe eternizou a frase Less is More - menos é mais - sendo esse o mote para os seus projetos minimalistas e elegantes. 


Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, was one of the most important architects of the 20th century. He was german, was a teacher and left his native country for the United States of America. His outstanding career has made him one of the most important figures when it comes to design and architecture. A lover of simple lines, minimalist structures but still passionate about sophistication and contemporaneity, it was almost 90 years ago that he designed the Barcelona chair. Mies van der Rohe has eternalized the phrase Less is More - and this was always the motto for his minimalist and elegant designs.



God is in the details. Mies van der Rohe


A remarkable chair that stays iconic

Considered to be a modern classic, and one of the most elegant chairs of the 20th century, Barcelona Chair remains the same playfulness nowadays as when it was designed. A monumental piece of design that can make your home a true setting for luxury and sophistication.

In its structure a few details stand out for originality and fluidity: slightly curved legs seem to float ...
The back and seat, individually upholstered, in each one of the 40 panels. The support of the pads is made by 17 strips of leather, carefully intercalated.

In bovine leather in different colours and chromed metal structure, it is the right choice for corporate areas and for important receptions. Still, due to its minimalist and fluid lines, it is also a highlight for your home environment, adding magnificence and luxury to the most contemporary settings.

Iconic and surprising, Barcelona is, at the end of the day, a throne that fits in any environment! Feel like a real king or queen on your throne with Barcelona!



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