Every year more than 22 billion of plastic water bottles are put away, around the world.
We want to narrow down this number, and encourage people to stop buying bottled water and to start drinking tap water.

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Binchotan is an active charcoal and is used, in Japan, as a water purifier since the XVII century.
It reduces chlorine, mineralizes water and balances the pH.
Binchotan, the active charcoal, can be used up to six months and, surprisngly, can be recycled for other purposes.

Sold by Black+Blum, Binchotan shows up in the Eau Good bottle, an elegant bottle, imperative in your daily life!

How long will Binchotan last?
Binchotan has a 6 month life expectancy, give or take.
By using Binchotan with the "eau good" bottle everyday, by the end of 3 months you have to recharge it. It is a simple task, just boil water for 10 minutes and let it dry out in the sun.

What are the other uses Binchotan might have?
When Binchotan has passed the 6 months timeline for water purifying, you can use it for other purposes:
- break it and place it in vases, your plants will thank the nourishment and grow :)
- having a porous surface, you can use it in your kitten's box to absorb odours, in the laundry basket, trash can, or shoe box.
- it can also be used as a moist absorber in your closet.
- not only it dissipates the "dangerous" electro-magnetic waves from computer monitors, as well as it produces negative ions. More precisely, the infra-red rays constantely sent by the coal will reduce the air moist into fine particles that will, naturally, transform into negative ions.

Binchotan's uses and cares
Binchotan charcoal is already washed and ready to be used.
You must not wash it with detergent or soap, and you must not mix it with juices or flavoured syrups.
Before washing the bottle remove Binchotan. Pouring boiling water upon the Binchotan will release the accumulated impurities.

Very Important: do NOT drink the water left in the bottle with the Binchotan for over than 48 hours.

Occasionally you might find small particles / fragments of charcoal in the water, but do not worry, if you ingest some of it it will do no harm ( active charcoal pills are prescribed for treating digestion, diarrhea and flatulence).

Eau Good + Bichotan = Naturally Pure



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