birds home decoration iittala

We love Iittala's birds. 

We love the collection and all in particular!


These are the kind of art pieces that fit in every house, either you live in the field, in the city or at the beach. 
They are beautiful, very stylish and they have those colors that fit in any environment.

The most colorful birds are perfect for darker wood sideboards while the mate birds look great in a niche or in environments where the white color predominates. 

They are handmade and each year a new piece comes out. My favorite is the owl. What's yours? 

If you are just as fan of birds as me, you must have on your shelf this magnificent piece. 

Discover the complete bird collection from Iittala

birds home decoration iittalabirds home decoration iittalabirds home decoration iittalabirds home decoration iittala


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