Work and school mornings
As much as we try to think positive every morning, it's almost impossible to escape to the typical mess before leaving home: adults for work and the little ones for school.

And this is the most dificult season.
The return of holidays, the kids returning to school, and work, work and more work.
Among backpacks, preparations, organize the last things, little time left for breakfast. What do we see in the movies - a peaceful morning, the family around the table, cakes and colored fruits - a really movie picture. In real life, the rush take over the quietness.

But you shouldn't give up!
There are some suggestion that you can follow to make your mornings better.



Baskets and trays not only are great for decoration, but also they are very useful and practical. And that's all we want every morning!

In these little objects, that make all the difference because little things matter, you gonna find easy solutions to organize your family breakfast.
The fruits, the butter dishes and the jam-containers: it will be much more easy if you previously put them in each basket or tray; then you just have to serve.

The trays and baskets are easy to transport and can take the essential food for every morning. Coordinate and serve will be much easy and enjoyable.


Start your days full of good energies!



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Teresa Pontes.
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