This year's trend colors, selected by PANTONE, are a dream come true: not only in fashion shows but also in home decor.
Today we talk about Island Paradise.



A refreshing and relaxing tone, reminiscent of tropical scenarios. A shade of blue, with soft nuances of green, that make us dream. Emblematic and powerful is, at the same time, a serene color that brings tranquility.



Island Paradise

Is the new approach to change the scenario. The name, by itself, refers to stunning landscapes and indescribable environments. These shades of aqua blue appeal to dream and it is in this chimera that we forget the routine and relax, thinking on tropical places. This is how this cool blue brings the feeling of calm and relaxation. It's time to transform your everyday stage, now enjoying a refreshing paradise, inside and outside your house.

And paradise is only a few steps away: in the garden, in the lounge, in the outdoor living area. It is with Cane Line that today we open doors to the outdoors, to tropical environments, without leaving home. In a garden, on a privileged balcony, near the pool of your dreams. Comfortable in its essence, the Danish brand promises to offer the best days out there, with this Island paradise color. 


cane line exterior



Cane Line

Cane Line

Cane Line



Set the colors for outdoor. 
In modern pieces, with tones that awaken joy and well-being, decorating the garden will be a very fun task. Without forgetting your personality, add trend objects and create the heavenly scenery outside. With tables, chairs and rugs, so you can enjoy the hottest days and welcome guests in a different environment.

Go OUT: and relax wherever you want. Focused on quality and comfort, Cane Line furniture offers great care for our environment and the welfare of the people. Life Made Comfortable!


island paradise exterior


Now it's time to follow us to interior...

Where you can also use and abuse Island Paradise. Because it is an eclectic tone, the combinations become endless, as well as their application and use.
For the more daring, those who are not afraid and want to make their space unique, a wall in this tone not only becomes flashy, revealing a lot of character, but also helps to make the space refreshing and peaceful. It is perfect for the room but also a good highlight for the living room.
With surprising chairs or original and modern pieces, your home will have a new breeze. 


kristalia blue


If you prefer a more sober environment, some details on furniture and/or key pieces, are a good option to lead the trend towards the interior.
We have suggestions for you!!!




Unique decor, perfect execution!! These small colorful jewels of light create the best ideal decoration. 

Consider them your own colorful showcase. Create it with your imagination!



Normann Copenhagen

Elegant design, luxurious outline, like sun beams! Durin dinner, surprise your guests by presenting bread in a Mediterraneo.

The story of this plane is about happiness, freedom and the boldness to dream! You become in touch with very personal feelings of freedom and joy.




Refresh and give life to outdoor spaces...and don0t forget to decorate the interior as well!