Children's day is almost here...

And all the affections are for the little ones!

The ones that fulfill the house with just a smile.
Those who are full of dreams and warm our hearts.
The little ones that are the biggest in the whole world!
And because it is never to much to show how special these little giants are, we will pull out even more smiles, more joy and give them the opportunity to learn to live, playing.

Get inspired to celebrate Children's Day


Do you have a little hurricane at home?

Find out how you can play with your child, with surprising gifts, that won't clash with the decor of your home.
A drum roll that will allow your child to go on stage and shine: Smooth jazz rhythm? A strong R&B beat? Dark heavy metal?
A cat with 7 lives and many other functions. 
A penguin, painted with the classic black&white, rocking back and forth. Really fun to play with and will fit perfectly with your home decoration.
And... an hiding place for the little ones. Nido is a friendly monster that will be the perfect refuge for your kid...or the best place to play. 

Mom and dad, this hiding place is just for kids! Cheating is not worth it!!! ;)



For those who like candies, a chocolate or an ice cream...

The classics from Lego, that keep up with the new generations, that are for parents and kids and will bring happiness to lunch or dinner time. 
The cutlery painted with cartoon characters, will make every meal much more fun. 
For the sweet tooth hiding their sugar treasures, a safe Box by Monbento - with four different designs to choose from, removable tokens, that stimulate the creativity.
And after all these candies, it's time to treat the teeth...With open arms, Otto waits patiently to start its function.

And speaking of candies...Have you seen the gift that we have for kids?


Because nowadays, the little ones are GIANTS!

They born already technological…
Games, music, videos - smartphones and tablets have a very important place when they decide to play.
Is your son a cartoon fan?! No problem, with the Lexon columns sound and laughter will be louder. 
If music is his passion, choose your favorite frequency: on a family picnic, on the beach or at home...It's time to dance!!
And to make the bath time much more fun, choose your child favorite music and let him play and have fun with the colorful Flow Radio.
And to avoid accidents, Built suggests a stylish bag .To play safe and to make sure that all the gadgets and equipment are always protect. 

And if in your enchanted castle everyone is a special princess...

...Villa Julia is the perfect place for your little princess spend some time with her friends, on a fun afternoon.
And these little ones also deserve an amazing meal: with WMF. Disney Princesses dancing between cutlery and porcelain, to play with the kids while they grow.
Alma, is the dream chair. In the back, a huge forest born.. with birds hiding behind the trees ready to play with the kingdom's princess.
And for the royal members who are disorganized and distracted, Paradise Tree is the coat stand that will be the perfect solution to say goodbye to backpacks and jackets around the floor.

Mom and dad, this is the perfect day to celebrate your princess. ;)

For the playful children ... and for innovators parents!

Because play is always the number one reason for a wonderful laughter echoing through the house.
Dodo is an exotic alternative to the non-extinct rocking horse found in many children's room. Dodo will be your kid's best friend.
And the flying carpet...Adventurous girls, wait for their prince. Boys, voracious and full of ambition, jump on the carpet and away they go, looking for challenges. And of course ... your princess!
The path to conquer the kingdom of dreams and to bring back tradition. With Rocky, every journey will be a victory. 
And if your son really needs to clean his room, Lego box is the solution: Turn this boring task into fun! Let the kids tidy up their room with a smile!


It's time to take a nap! 

After all the fun, the candies, journeys in horses. After princesses' castles and magic drums. 
As soon as the night falls, Moon will be perfect for family time. Together, you can create and use your imagination - and make this large sofa the perfect place to spend time before bed. 
And CO9 comes to complete a good night. The Bunny puff will be your and your kid best friend, always with open arms. 

Shiiuuu, it's time to sleep.