It's almost Christmas!
And it's time to buy the presents, to choose the most special gifts and it0s time to think how to surprise the ones you love the most!

For you to enjoy this time, in the comfort of your home and avoiding the confusions of this time of year, we have suggestions for you.
We reserved a selection of very special gifts for her and for him - for the mother, for the father, for the brother, for the boyfriend, for the grandparents.


Your shopping cart will be your christmas stocking.
Choose your favourites!



For her 


christmas giftschristmas gifts



✦ Fridge carafe - Eva Solo

Colourful and functional... just choose the colour and enjoy it!
Inspired by the traditional milk bottles, this is the specific bottle for cold beverages. 
It icludes the anti-dip patented serving system by Eva Solo, so you can enjoy your drink till the last drop!

✦ Loop candelabra - Black Blum

In spite its' simple lines, its' beauty is completely revealed when lightning all the candles.
Loop is inspired by the Fibonacci curve seen throughout nature, looking correct and balanced to the human eye. 
You can be seduced by each loop individually, with its endless shapes and forms...

✦ Firenze wall clock - Alessi

Firenze: a historical project!
Extra thin and very elegant, it embellishes the wall and set the hour!
The roman numerals, grant a refinement touch, making it even more special.

✦ Hip flask shot - Alessi

Hip flask Shot is the only way to have your drinks wherever you are!
Timeless, who doesn't remember the classic hip flask Shot?
In a modern and contemporary way, Alessi recreates a piece that brings memories from the past.



chrismas gifts


✦ Wodden figurines songbirds ernest - Rosendahl

A simple, well behaved little bird that enchants wherever he lands.
Let him land in your window sill and you will have a friend for life!


 Ola throws - Linum

The perfect way to warm up on cold nights...
Ola is the perfect throw to always have on hand. Refined and elegant, and always very warm. The softness of cotton causes heat in a heartbeat.


✦ Memo milk bottle with chalk decal - Asa Selection

A fun way to start the day with lots of smiles!
A bottle of shiny white ceramic with a decal bar so that you can leave messages written in chalk!

✦ Vabene pasta tester - Alessi

Taste the pasta never was so good!
With Alessi's captivating design and Miriam Mirri's daring touch, it is possible to transform everyday objects into poetic pieces that give life to all home accessories.




For him


christmas giftschristmas gifts


✦ Forma cheese grater - Alessi

Forma... its name says it all!
Dynamic, usefull and designed to fit the shape of your palm. Forma that in italian and portuguese means shape: this cheese grater is the shape you need at your table. 

Colombina oyster knife - Alessi

For seafood lovers...
To serve and enjoy fish dishes, to taste oysters at special dinners. The oyster knife is the ideal utensil to complete the table

Oli - olive plate - Mpfxdesign

From Portugal to the world!
Oli® is the olive plate that combines looks and functionality bearing both olives and olive pits. The olive plate for every olive in the world.

Tipsy wine bottle stand - Materia

A decorative object with unprecedented functionality!
An unique and curious piece that defies gravity: an original exhibitor for the wine bottle.




christmas gifts



✦ Grand cru cheese knife - Rosendahl

Faca para queijo... 1, 2, 3 e... Cheese!
Uma faca leve e eficaz para cortar o queijo sem que este se esfarele. As suas linhas simples e discretas permitem que combine com qualquer serviço de talheres.


✦ Lancheira mb original - Monbento

For a relaxing and tasty meal time.
Has the ideal format for lunch at the office, picnics or TV dinners. 
It have two airtight containers so your food never mix; and a food cup in color of top container for sauces.


Philippe starck wall clock walter wayle - Alessi

With this clock less is more, and always on time!
There are objects that are not consensual when it comes to taste, of course, but they are good example of how size is not a synonym of quality....


Kuno prey twergi, newspaper holder - Alessi

For who likes to read the newspaper in style.
An important object for your reading corner or for your office. It allows to turnover the page with no difficulties at all.



Merry Christmas and good shopping!






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