Christmas is coming and with it the desire to travel, to see the world, to escape from the low temperatures or, for the bravest, to go to colder countries.
The Christmas holidays are awaited by all Christmas lovers, who enjoy this time of the year to visit places that are filled with magic, covered with snow and that create a true Christmas scenario: that amaze visitors.

December is the most awaited, most special, most welcoming and most irresistible month. The white snow on the streets, the warm colors that contrast with the cold temperatures, the lights that shine, the Santa Claus with his presents; everything is special.


❆ That's why fantasy is the motto. ❆


Many cities in Europe prepare real exhibitions. In places such as Leipzig, London or Brussels, Christmas comes out - literally - on the street: where unique scenarios are created to delight all visitors. November, December and January become the most important month of the year.
Those who love Christmas spirit and search a truly amazing experience, must go to one of these amazing markets, that hold the title of best markets in Europe.

If you are planning to make a Christmas trip but you didn't decide yet where to go on winter holidays, or if you actually like a short weekend holiday, has the best suggestions for an unforgettable December.

Make your holiday list, keep the camera on, as well as the most simple and practical gadgets, start to pack your suitcase, do not forget your personal accessories - and go... searching for your Christmas dream!




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❆ Dreams that become true. ❆ 

In cities with Christmas atmosphere, tradition is all over the city center- year after year, markets become more beautiful and unique.



A small independent region in Germany that, from the 18th November to the 23rd December, becomes huge, magical and superb. Not only because of its residents but also for all of those who want to visit their family, friends and colleagues - the ideal meeting point, to live Christmas spirit.
The market in Aachen - decoration, color and lights - delights not only the little ones but also the grown ups.


In the historic center of Leipzig, the city Christmas market dates back to 1458. Yes, you read well: over than 500 years of Christmas tradition. The market scenario is unbelievable.
Leipzig's Christmas market is not only the oldest but also one of the largest in Germany. It receives many tourists that become delighted with the traditional market and by its medieval and historical features. To visit from November the 22nd to December the 23rd.


It is in Berlin that from November 21st to January the 1st, the Christmas festivities are celebrated in the market of the capital of Germany.
The lights are one of the main important things in the city, surrounding it in an enchanted way; as well as the decorations - along with the a rich and traditional cuisine.




Hyde Park Winter Wonderland is the land of dreams. With the promise of fun and magic, this are the most exciting 6 weeks of the year. It starts the 20th of November.
Until January the 2nd, do not miss the English adventure - with more than 100 kinds of attractions, for the little ones and for the adults. There is space for everyone!




Christmas starts in mid-November in Vienna.
Here, we can live and feel the fairy tales, in the most beautiful Austrian squares: they create superb scenarios, anticipating the arrival of Christmas.
The trees decoration of City Hall park are just amazing.

We can feel the Christmas scents : in hot drinks, in gifts and even in workshops for children.
Until December the 23rd, do not miss the opportunity to live a truly fairy tale!




It's Christmas!
Like in the movies: with ice rinks for a memorable adventure with magical pine trees and the amazing lights that cover the all city.
From November the 25th to the first day of 2017, legendary Christmas activities are one of Brussels's premier attractions - capable of appealing as children as adults.
An impressive Ferris wheel, a Christmas parade, and a city dressed up for the most special time of the year.


It's Christmas!

Fantasy takes place.
It is time to be carried away by one of these unique cities that become for a short period of time small Christmas villages.