Christmas screams out for color, vibrant tons, joy, smiles torn and magic ... a lot of magic.

This is the seasons that warms the hearts, which brings the warmth of family, home fragrances, the smell of hot even if you got fronzen hands and the windows got mist by the cold thtat's outside.

But at home, the weather seems warmed by love and Christmas spirit that brings the flame of a special evening in an enchanted stroke atmosphere of dreams and fantasies, which combine perfectly with the fascinating figures that so well portray this time of the year. One night it seems that accelerates the clock, so fast time passes; and yet, no detail can fail, and everything in roder have to be absolutely wonderful, in order to create absolute memories and make sure the night is full of special moments.

It is not possible not spread magical powders through the house, when we feel that Christmas is approaching step by step.

So the decoration of the table that brings together family and is prominent place this night, have to excel by loud and embellishments that are entitled to the scenario it is important to create at Christmas. It is around the table that the guests join to spend a lot of time on Christmas season; then it is necessary to innovate, create, make this place special.

To the traditional decorations to the most contemporary, the alternatives are numerous and will be difficult to choose!
The offers you interesting and surprising suggestions for decorating your Christmas' table, that will shine as bright as the star on top of the tree.

Delight service

Enjoy tonight and abuse in the service to put on the table. Christmas only live once a year, do not be afraid to combine various dishes with different cutlery. Risk and dare in coveralls, any other night, could parcer unlikely.

Combine the elegance and sophistication of the completely white dinner service with the boldness of a dish to serve their appetizers, which inspired by nature and green tone, brings the holly leaf memories.

dinner service

dinner service

Complete service with the Angels tray for angels also may contain. as well as a dish for christmas cake, that is so loving that will leave the eyes of the guests to shine in this enchanted dinner. A table that will surely make your mouth water even before dinner be served.


Magic napkins

On happy days, combine the atmosphere of joy with color and originality. The napkins roll by MyDrap, are exactly like this. Functional, so that all guests can feel confortable, they also bring life to the table, eventually being, contrary to what you might think, a great relief detail in the decoration that served the meals!

my drap


Fantasy lighting

Lighting is perhaps the most important aspect to create a proper environment, ecstatic atmosphere and a sweeping backdrop, so you feel the most stunning in the world.

Choose colors typical of the court, deal on unique designer pieces, or dare and abuse the subject in objects that illustrate every bit, Christmas. You can go from the simplest to the most eccentric. It's your choice!

Cozy is the keyword! Candles provide exactly this kind of atmosphere.



Creative design


Do not be afraid to be excessive!
This is a night of revelry, only the year but expected with great intensity; is the rapture of joining the whole family to see scattered in the eyes of the smallest happiness, the fascination around the allusions that are associated with the topic.

So, be adventurous and fill the space around the table with respective pieces that ilustem the season.

Merry Christmas everyone!


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