Neutral tones...

light colors, pale shades may be the best option to create a peaceful atmosphere in the decoration of your home.

Those who think that these nuances are insipid, monotonous and bored, are completely wrong. On the contrary, they may turn out to be your greatest allies to make a magic decor and provide welfare.

The simple design can really work out!

As opposed to the erroneous idea that the neutral is annoying, there are endless and irresistible opportunities to use neutral colors in several rooms of your house, improving the decor.
The clear tones give, on the contrary of what is expecting, amplitude to a space and if combined with the adequate materials, these colors increase the perception of amplitude in a spaces; they are the key element to enhance the light, giving clarity, which is great.

Alongside, the neutral colors are imperatively associated with sophistication.

For those who know the story, or had the pleasure of seeing the film "The Great Gatsby", you can remember one or another design detail that refers to the luxury, the exuberance of the pieces, the elegance of the decor. It is a type of decoration that uses mostly light tones.

The finest nuances are the neutral ones.

One last point that matter, that is no less relevant than the previous ones, is the calm these colors bring with them. Peace and good vibes! 

For the architect Susana Guimarães, the use of these colors is a winning bet and therefore these shades are the protagonists of many of the spaces decorated by the architect; they are a fundamental part of the design.

details decor

Susana Guimarães is always concerned with the details and choose colors that are vibrant and full of life, it is the best choice to complement the decoration of any room. The perfect spot at home just like in movies.
And we can say for sure that neutral colors combine with everything!



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