Easter is almost here and its arrival brings fresh and vibrant colors.
The smell of spring, the magic of the growing flowers in every garden, the soft tones, the approach of the warm weather and the long days makes every day vibrant.

The decoration of the house changes, like the transformation of the butterflies or the blooming of the flower.
We say goodbye to the warm blankets and we welcome the colorful fabrics. 

This mixture of different shades make us feel like we are in the season of the morning smiles, highlighted by the sun; the warm paintings, the details of decor; Red and Orange crossing the horizon and kissing the sea, inviting the good mood.




With Easter...

...also come almonds and chocolates that characterize so well this season. A sweet sin that tastes so well..
So, the table needs sublime bowls to serve the almonds and the appetizers with elegance; the decanters and wine glasses are important to join a good conversation with a pleasant drink.
As well as the flowerspots which at this point have a place in the garden; or the vases that are the center of attention, adorned with fascinating flowers.

The joy of children running with their gifts and adults who do not deny a good chocolate accompanied by a glass of wine.


It is time to gather the family...

...around the table, knowing that happiness will become an integral part of the decor.




Easter is magic in a single day, the memories that remain in time, is the joy of a full house and funky decor that combines perfectly with the spring days.