Are you out of ideas to surprise your father? Don't you know what to choose and everything seems the same as last year souvenir? If you still don't know what to offer, don't choose boring clichés. Forget socks, squares shirts, slippers or scarfs! We have created a selection of products that escape the ordinary: to let your daddy happy and if your goal is to earn the title of son of the year, just take a look! If you know your dad as nobody else, if you know his tastes and preferences, you will certainly find the ideal surprise! Find the coolest and most stylish and sophisticated gift.


For the best dad in the world, the best gifts. A special selection that we have prepared for Father's Day.


Packs - the perfect  match!





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At Inexistencia we like to think that today's dads dare to take risks, they are adventurous, moderns and they love to be in the kitchen preparing delicious meals. They have a young spirit, they are happy and, above all, they are always one of the most important figures of our life.
For bold and audacious fathers, the best of design - that brings together creativity, originality and functionality in products that will be the best gift.






funny presents


A dear friend that will open his mouth so that you can place your pencils and have a small break. Perfect for your dad's office and for him to remember the best kid in the world: you. Edgy and irreverent, Hippo is also a happy figure. 

CO9 will be your father's best friend. The CO9 puff by Fatboy, with its 2.10m, loves to stand out, it welcomes guests and puts a smile on everyone's faces. Besides of being a funny and happy puff it is also perfect for your dad to relax for a couple of hours. 

A true icon of the modern lifestyle, "The Original". To sit, to lie down or just to relax. With different colors you can choose your dad's favorite. And with a fun design, the puff is the must-have of the century.

Because every father is the Super Man's son. If you want to pay a tribute and surprise your dad, Super Zé Sardine is the right choice! Colorful, funny and with a message that can be very special. 



modern presents


A wonderful wine flow, well ventilated: bring out the best of your wine with this decanter. Allow your dad to taste his wine with a touch of elegance and sophistication. Independent tests confirm that this decanter is the new win.

Cooking has never been so fun and dynamic! For every fathers that love to cook but at same time love to create and innovate in the kitchen, learning different recipes, Iprep will be daddy's biggest assistant. Especially designed to take the Tablet closer to you, it is useful to let follow all the steps to prepare any meal. Iprep support is one of the innovations of Pepara.

POP UP! An ingenious bottle opener that works with pressure. You can share a drink with your father with the future bottle opener. At first sight, the design leads us to think it is a totally different kind of object, without having a clue of its real task. After a closer inspection, Pop Up unveils it true intent: open bottles.

An elegant solution for the wine bottles that are a part of the decoration. Winnetube cellar made of anodized aluminum tube: challenge gravity! Modern, contemporary and a must-have - if your dad is a wine lover. It can hold up to 12 bottles.




functional presents


For fathers that spent hours and hours at the office, a clean wall watch that matches with every decoration style! Timeless simplicity and elegance. Do no waste time: it's time to choose your father's gift!

Does your family loves big meetings? A picnic? A dinner outside at summer days? We have the perfect gift for you dad: To Go Grill, barbecue on the move! The small charcoal grill has the perfect size for smaller dishes such as prawns on skewers, vegetables etc. or a couple of steaks. With the practical, light, portable To Go Grill it’s easy to grill anywhere.

For adventurers fathers, or for those who love to relax in the garden or even for those who love reading: Edison The Petit. The lamp appears with a reduced and iconic silhouette and it spreads a warm and pleasant atmosphere thanks to its three light settings. Wireless, portable, rechargeable and ready to use wherever you want.

The splendor of the most ancient tradition! Still about cook lovers fathers. A copper frying pan made of three layers, copper, aluminum and stainless steel. A piece of original design since 1977, which remains always beautiful, functional and timeless.

It's time to spoil your hero!