I'm fascinated by everyday simple objects that are annoyingly simple. Their beauty and functionality result perfectly, the lack of accessories details or features that nobody is interested in. And that's where the whole challenge lies.

The felt basket by Menu ­ Scandinavian Design Originals is one of this happy cases. With the design by NORM duo, produced in felt and with a minimalistic design, the baskets have a modern look and, at the same time, transport us to the cozy memories of our grandmother. That’s what make me feel happy: to fill the felt basket with rustic bread or with some scones freshly made. Either that, or maybe I'm just hungry.

In my opinion, the official name that Menu baptized this multi­function "Felt Bread Basket" is quite reductive because, in reality, they are a truly multi­ functional basket. Associated with the fact that the official texts of the brand mention that the felt is compatible with food and can be washed in the machine, all this leads to the association of "baskets for bread."

In fact, when we purchase these felts, we use them to serve bread but quickly they acquire new functions and currently, the smallest size, clusters all those small objects that insisted on littering my secretary office at home.

By their nature, they are unbreakable, or as I say, child­proof.


felt baskets by menu


Sold in set of 3 units, in three sizes with diameters of 13.5cm , 17.5cm and 21.5cm , they easily fit, and facilitate storage. With a very appealing package, they are the perfect gift.





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