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Get the look #4 beach house

A safe haven away from the stress, where the waves of the sea combine with the decoration of the interior of a the beach.



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Beach house with  House Doctor


At the beach house, where the sea is the "door men" and the sand an honor guest, we ask for a relaxing environment. Relax and calm. In the beach house there are no confusions: there are big windows that allow the sun to enter and be your everyday companion.

It is required that the environment, indoors, be airy, light and simple; so be aware to make the right choices when it comes to materials and furniture.
Marble and ceramics must prevail because of their freshness and resistance; the pastel tones are a winning bet, because of their subtlety and delicacy and because these tones bring the feeling of well-being and tranquility - in addition,  neutral colors combine and give life to modern decorations; and the minimalist furniture combines with this summer setting. The more simplicity, the longer the quality time in your beach house.

O refúgio perfeito. O ninho. O abrigo para fugir da rotina quotidiana. É aqui que irá recuperar energias e usufruir do Verão, por isso Get the Look com a Inexistência e saiba como decorar a sua Beach House.

The perfect getaway. The nest. The shelter to escape from the daily routine. This is where you will recover energies and enjoy the summer, so Get the Look  with Inexistência and learn how to decorate your Beach House.


House Doctor

Base Lantern
The magic of lighting in classic design lanterns. A dinner on the terrace, a long conversation on the porch, a social gathering with friends in the afternoon...



House Doctor

Box individual sofa
Exemplary settings are those that bring the magic of nature into the home. Make sure that in your home, all items have a special meaning.




House Doctor


Coffee table
The splendour of a table with the luxury of marble. Materials and designs that give sophistication to the decor but also fresh vibes for a perfect beach house. 




House Doctor

Dot Vase
The protagonist: bold and captivating, it will be the highlight in any decor. Its neutral and soft tones reminds of the sand and the sea. 



House Doctor
Simplicity in candles capable of illuminating for hours. The power of the candles takes us to enchanted places - spread the light...



House DoctorEffect baskets with lid
 An amazing effect! To put in the living room and store magazines, to put in the room as a piece of decoration, or even in a reading corner with a plant, to make a contrast with the sand outdoors. 





House DoctorKawa chair
The material, the design, the uniqueness. Complete the decoration with meaningful pieces that make you smile and feel welcome.




House DoctorBreeze lanterns
When the pleasure invades the environment...The beauty of these lanterns comes from its special, yet simple design, making it the perfect addition to contemporary settings or for a relaxed beach house!




House Doctor

House Doctor

House Doctor


Places and prospections frames
Hanging on the wall, placed on the floor: the illustrations are our painted personality. In these illustrations of Anders Hvenegaar, a smooth vision of places that show feelings through painting.




House Doctor

House Doctor

House Doctor


Update your home decor combining very special pillows with fun and stylish patterns. For your sofa, for a chair, to improve decoration at home. The seats become alive!


Suggested Products

  • Box individual sofa sand
  • earn  $ 37.17
    $ 743.40

Box individual sofa sand - House Doctor

House Doctor - Box individual sofa

  • Coffee table marble
  • earn  $ 14.46
    $ 289.19

Coffee table marble - House Doctor

House Doctor - Coffee table

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