last update: 07 December 2016

Christmas gifts & christmas songs.

DIY: learn how to wrap up your christmas gifts between the classic songs around the house.


Between loops and wraps, we feel that Christmas is arriving.
Between loops and wraps, the Christmas tree is already full of presents.
Between loops and wraps, we will risk from the Christmas list the gifts that we already bought.


Learn how to wrap your gifts making them even more special!



And in this special time of the year, we let the music invade the environment at home, in the office, at the workplace - creating good energies and ensuring constant good mood.

At Inexistencia, while we are wrapping the christmas presents to send to the best customers in the world, the soundtrack is the same year after year: the Christmas classics.
We can not remain indifferent to the holiday spirit, which occupies every corner of the office, while the CD with our favorite songs is playing...and is making everybody happy, every day, until the most special day of the year: the 24th!

Are you curious to know which songs make us company during the day?



Oh, we love Christmas !!!

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