The zesty yellow-green shade. 

Every year, as usual, one of the greatest color authorities in the world - PANTONE - dictate the trend for the new year: Greenery. An unusual green. Influenced not only by trends but also, and especially, for social reasons: a symbol of the global culture, which expresses an attitude and what we see happening in the world. In a world where the chaos and daily stress consumes our energy; in a world disconnected from the real world and connected to technologies, we lose the essence of existence and how human contact is important. According to Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, "there is a growing desire to reconnect with nature (... ) we need to stop and breathe!"


It is a symbol of new cycles, of tranquility, of connection with the environment.


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(PANTONE 15-0343)



The reason why this color was selected

Greenery expresses the desire to renew. It is an excite and fresh tone; it calls for hope and joy, for Spring.
In fact, Eisman calls this green the color of the "RE": 

regenerate, refresh, revitalize, renew.

Illustrating the foliage of March - the blossoming of the flowers, with the undress trees - this is a strategically analogy that makes us believe in a better future. In a more positive tomorrow. Believe in expectation and confidence.

Greenery is simplicity. This is the color of positive energy!



Greenery at home

After this choice, fashion designers, advertising experts and interior designers and decorators, bet on these nuances.

Their references are, in 2017, all about this green - almost exotic. Greenery is the first choice, being highlighted in several collections. The experts talk about trends, tone combinations and they come up with proposals based on Pantone's selection.

The green of the exterior landscapes with this Greenery is the perfect harmony. Take the essence of nature indoors: not only a powerful trend, but also a positive energy wave! The true is that Greenery isn't the easiest color to match...but, don't you think it's time to take a chance? After all, we are talking about new cycles!
Take a risk, get out of your comfort zone, let the spring essence come in!

The notes in yellow-green shade will complete the decoration of each room and the color will dominate in small highlights that make the difference: a lush door, an edgy wall or some table accessories.  

cyborg magis chair


Did you know that...

We know the importance of colors, of what they represent and that every color has its own symbolism.
This color - Greenery - reduces anxiety and stress, offers peace and quiet and, even better, calls for a positive attitude! 
If you are asking for hope, balance and calm, you will certainly not regret using green in your workspace, bedroom, living room or even in the kitchen.

All the essential ingredients for an happy life and a house full of good vibes!



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GREENERY is the key word of 2017.