The weeks leading up to the most special night of the year are full of magic and sweetness. The Christmas spirit is everywhere.

This is the season of vibrant lights, of children smiles, of harmony and beautiful decorations.



Mornings are cozy

even if it's freezing outside, indoors there is always a cup of coffee that will turn our days more pleasant - how comforting is to taste an hot coffee early in the morning?
As well as the aromatic tea that spreads throughout the house creating an atmosphere that let us forget the winter.

♥  The simplicity of a balanced and calm morning.

asa lina serving



The afternoons in the kitchen between spilled flour and sugar

The enthusiasm of this season. The little ones spread their happiness all over the place and they want to be the cookers at home. They want to cook their favorite cookies, help their mums with the ingredients, and do the final touch in the biscuits or in the cakes.

 Christmas holidays will always be in the kitchen!

cookies and biscuit



Fireplace programs are always an option

Inviting friends for dinners that start early in the afternoon and extant late at night. Between smiles, stories and memories of other Christmas.
Flames enhance the environment, give comfort and well-being; bring the sensation of a well-spent winter, with a glass of wine for company, waiting for Christmas to arrive.

  It's holiday time, relax by the fireplace with friends: the ideal plan!

fireplace decoration

And we feel that Christmas is right around the corner!


It's time to think about the gifts that we want to offer. In strategies to make sure that everything is ready to receive Santa Claus. It's time to organize the invitations, to think of the best animation, the menu, the table decoration, the small details that make all the difference.

♥ Allow yourself to feel the spirit of this great party and enjoy this special season.