Remodeling suggests change and ensures the transformation.

Novotel Setubal, with more than two decades, welcomes guests in a contemporary, modern and renovated space.
The change in the look and decor, in this four-star hotel, was in charge of the architect Susana Guimarães, who immediately connected the hotel to nature.

The outdoor area that surrounds this space is a very important area - with vegetation, providing a link between the inside and the outside.
Inside the Hotel, the decor has become unique and very particular, achieving a fusion of natural elements that stand outside with the use and the incidence of notes around nature. Amazing, unique, authentic.

"The option for the use of certain organic forms, without exaggeration so they can be highlighted, as the wavy ceiling with built in light, eruptions on some walls, counters' illuminated panels, the birds in the cellar bar, the chairs resembling nests or the feet of some tables and chairs resembling the legs of birds are just some examples."

Warm colors, the influence of the earth elements, the Setúbal weather, the green area surrounding the hotel, the atmosphere, is transported to the inside decor and inspired the architect Susana Guimarães - elegance and simplicity were always necessary ingredients for this project.

Welcome guests...

in a comfortable environment is a key factor to achieve recognition and ensure their well-being. This is what counts in their first impression; and, at first sight, we find a very welcoming service area where "independent desks, the front panel with built in light birds and a support shelf welcome the customer."



"It was also important that the bar was a highlight element in this whole space." Susana Guimarães.




From the bar to the restaurant.

The restaurant occupies a place of great importance due to the dynamism and multi-functionality that is adjacent to it.
With the peculiarity of being adapted to different needs, Novotel's restaurant also suits to receive large events - without losing importance in day|evening meals to the guests of the Hotel.


The terrace...

ends up to be the place that most captive customers: they can feel the sun, the landscape, the pool, the outdoor breeze.
We walked towards the outside and we feel that there is a smooth combination of indoor and outdoor space.



"Enjoy Setúbal's all year great weather. An area to taste a meal, a snack or a drink in the outside. In less warmer days, the closed area could use portable outdoor heating equipment."

The changes at Novotel also brought a breath of fresh air, a touch of contemporary, we can taste the nature inside and outside the Hotel.
A refreshed space with the signature of architect Susana Guimarães.