The sea merges with the blue sky

and it's so beautiful that we have this illusion of not knowing where one begins and the other ends. The view is complete with the countryside fragrances that involve this house in Esposende, Portugal. 

Here, all the flavors matches with the interior decoration, and the nature is the main topic that complete and inspire the architect Susana Guimarães. She wanted to keep the harmony between the environment and what we find when we open the front door of the house. 

"It is this fusion of these different landscapes that you see outside that you feel at home." In Casa Claudia.

We find, as soon as we enter in this house, the essence of nature. The tones, furniture, the choice of materials. Everything has a touch of sky, sometimes water, sometimes earth. It is an alliance between what we see beyond the windows and what we feel within these four walls.


"With the decor, much of the furniture is designed by Inexistencia." tells the architect, founder of this online store, together with Sergio Faria. It is that blunts the selection of parts and objects that are now an integral part of the house.

The gray blue walls, on the south, cut the neutral, and remind us the sea that we see right there in the background, on the horizon; everything else was working on raw tones that carry the symbolism of the earth that surrounds the house.
Another basic concept applied to all corners, by choice, is the amplitude, using little furniture that provides more space in all divisions and give us the idea of a very clean house. The wooden slats on the walls, let us recognize the earth element. 


This detail still present in other divisions, as in the office, where the desk - designed and produced by Inexistencia - has slats with the same connection with the room. Here, the architect has also innovated by creating shelves plasterboard to keep the cd's, the dvd's and the books, by doing a great use of the space, not filling it with too much furniture.
"The idea was creating a space where you can work or use as a family room."

It is the combination of all these factors that gives charm to the house, however, along with the lines of nature there’s also lines of contemporaneity; as the use of neon lamps as we walk to the top floor.


Lamps and many other details that stand out, like the NaniMarquina carpet in the room.
In children rooms, it was used the same concept: very clear, great to play, but with the concern of following the children’s growth. We opted for something very sober, clear, using plain wood that emphasizes the color of the toys, designed in modular cubes that at any time can change shape and bring a new life to the room.


In the suite, the access to the balcony was a priority, and the bed was positioned facing the window in order to make it possible the contemplation of the silence of the nature, the scents of the countryside, and the blue sky.


A house on the coast decorated with all the flavors that nature has to offer inside and outside, with a twist of modernity that fulfill the single-family home in a unique way.



Teresa Pontes Casa Jardim Decoração
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