We love Boskke

vasos plantas invertidos suspensos boskkevasos plantas suspensos boskke

We love Boskke: We love plants!
The plants should be part of our lives and homes. 

One plant can make a big difference in several spaces. Can highlight them, can give it the grace they need, can be the final touch to turn them in spaces of comfort, serenity and well-being.

There are times that we have problems to get space in our houses and no matter how much we want to create a garden environment, we just can't make it. 

That's when Boskke's originality comes in. 
Can you imagine your plants suspended upside down? How amazing can it be!!! 

If you are a nature lover and want to bring it to your home, nothing is better than Boskke!



Sérgio Faria - Inexistência - Design e Decoração
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