After all the Christmas parties, the sweets, the dinners with friends, the festivities and the holidays, it is urgent to come back to the routine of everyday life. To the good nutrition, wellness and health care and exercise.
At the end, it's the perfect excuse to renovate your kitchen - new year, new kitchen. New accessories, new utensils, dishes and trays that encourage healthy food and enjoyable meals.
To the early days of the year, we have great suggestions for you: inspire yourself.

Small changes can make a big difference! Remember?


Water with lemon
Start your day with a cup of water with lemon.

This is one of the best combinations that helps you keeping your diet, without being hungry. However, it has more benefits: - eliminates toxins and a few drops of lemon increase the detox effect
- helps in digestion
- helps to keep an healthy skin, maintaining the elasticity and tone of it
- helps to lose weight
Rich in Vitamin C, lemon is a great ally and it's on the top of the list of preventive fruits, boosting the body's defenses.
To help you in the process of preparing your lemon water, we suggest the best citrus juicers: the most surprising, most functional, elegant and avant-garde. Small pieces of art that will not only add a special touch to your kitchen decor, but will also be the best utensils to keep.

lemons squezeer


A colorful dish filled with healthy food.

Vegetables help to prevent heart disease, control the appetite and reduce cholestrol. A food rich in nutrients, low in calories and with an high level of water. Vegetables are very helpful to maintaine a healthy and balanced diet. Have some fun while you prepare your vegetables and make your meals: a dull and dangerous task which becomes simple and fast!

vegetable accessorie


Choose the fish.

Do you know that you should eat fish at least twice a week?
One of the healthiest food, rich in vitamins, nutrients and proteins. For that, it helps reduce the risk of Alzheimer, anemia and mental fatigue by becoming a great ally for those who spend many hours studying or working - because it helps in memory and concentration.
Choose grilled or cooked fish as an alternative to fried, and serve it in an elegant and fun way: very fishy and without pimples!

fish cutlery and trays



As we say: "We are what we eat!"

In 2017, let's create good habits and eating good as a routine. Even at home or at work.
Do you have little time for lunch? Can't eat every 3 hours? Of course you can! Lunch boxes will become your best partner, special if you want to maintain an healthy diet and lifestyle. In small, stylish, innovative, and very functional lunch boxes, you'll be able to take good foods from home so you do not fall into the temptations of quick meals and plastic foods - and it's a lot cheaper.
The day before, prepare your lunch and snacks to eat throughout the day: a colorful meal with vegetables and fish; a snack based on nuts such as walnut or hazelnut, or natural yogurt. The choice is yours, but never forget to stay focused: choose the lunch box you like the most, which best suits your style and that will help you start a good diet.





Go to the gym
Do not look for excuses or reasons for cancel the gym.

The new year must start the best way possible! Take every opportunity to keep your body moving: on a walking, with stretching exercises in the office, a jogging with friends, or go to the gym.
If you never go to the gym before, these first days of the year are the perfect chance to start an activity.
Prevent physical inactivity and please don't see sports as a sacrifice. Regular exercise is great for your body but also to escape from the stress, the fatigue and it's essential to relax.
Make it everyday - in the long run the results will be visible and the whole effort will be worth it.

gym accesories drinking bottles


The best way to start 2017!