Because the decoration can be fun, original and functional. The abstract design of these pieces, will delight the little ones and also all the adults. With vibrant, cheerful and charismatic colors, these are the perfect pieces to cheer children and parents - with the promise of a modern, fun, functional and practical decoration.





Doraff chair - Alessi
Children's imaginations have no barriers or limits. Go beyond the horizon. Creativity, fantasy and magic. The possibilities are endless, everything is unique. Doraff comes to complete this extraordinary scenario of kid's little world. A seat that allows children to use their playful imagination, with a comfortable, high backrest, for hours of fun.




Alma chair - Magis
Designed by Javier Mariscal for the Me Too collection from Magis, Alma is the must have piece at your little princess room. In spite of looking like a normal chair, this piece goes over and beyond: at the back, a huge forest born, with birds hiding behind the trees ready to play. Alma chairs are also suitable for outdoor use, and just like that, the kingdom is moved to the forest. Your little heroes or princesses will love it!




Villa Julia cardboard house - Magis
With door, windows and even a chimney, it is every girl's dream. Who wouldn’t want to move in here? No adults are allowed! In resistant cardboard, Villa Julia is the perfect house for the long summer afternoons playing with some friends. Its dimensions make it even more real.



Serving - Cutlery and Lunchboxes


Alice Cutlery - Cutipol“Alice:How long is forever?
White Rabbit: Sometimes, just one second.”

Make the little ones' meals last forever with the magic of these cutlery. Let meal time be a moment of pleasure, fun and excitement: the setting of pure wonders.
Cutipol offers a variety of colors so you can choose the one you like the most. Feed the magic of dreams of children's happiness and table presence.




MB Tresor Lunchbox - Monbento
Because lunch time should and can be fun, MB Tresor has four designs to choose from, removable tokens, to stimulated creativity and plays between children. Instead of this cards, you may also place a photo or your child's name. The precious chest with delicious treats inside: your kids favorite.




Alessini Cutlery - Alessi
The fun design of these cutlery will captivate all children.
With their unusual curves, this Children cutlery was created thinking about kid's needs, while helping them discover the use of dinner accessories. Fun, simple and very helpful. For a special table for the little ones. 



LEGO Special



Storage brick - Lego
All the features of lego, plus storage. Because being tidy doesn't have to be boring, LEGO thought and created these storage boxes shaped like giant legos. A great addition to any child's room, with its bright and fun colors. With fun and imagination, everything is possible. Are you going to miss this? Let the kids tidy up their room with a smile!




Lunchbox - Lego
Turn lunch time into fun! Part of a lunch boxes line, including a bottle and two other boxes to carry snacks and sweets, it will be the envy of all your friends. The LEGO Lunchbox, was designed as a giant LEGO piece and presents itself in different colors to appeal to the imagination of both boys and girls.