With hot days, there is no better place to be than outside. Even at home, being outdoor becomes a routine. Thinking on the best season of the year and how to enjoy outdoor spots, Inexistencia challenges you to create your own outdoor kitchen? Stop with the get in and get out - it's time to discover all the advantages of living this summer days outside.

It is important to think that this has, imperatively, to be a practical and functional place. With everything at hand - that's for sure - but still organized and beautiful. After all, we don't want to compromise the garden decor, right?


outdoor trolley

To serve some appetizers in the garden, to put your plants, or even to storage with style! Designed to meet all your needs. Frame adapts to any situation. Thanks to  its weather-resistant materials, Frame can be left outside all year round, without be damaged by the weather.

It is one of the must have itens in the outdoor kitchen, so you can carry everything you need and everything you want to prepare your meals. Accessories, supports, food. And voila: it's time to roll up your sleeves and start cooking!




Eva Solo

gravity colher de servir


Eva Solo

suporte para papel de cozinha

Eva Solo

caixa para arrumação


Saleiro com colher de madeira




aroma and flavours

Tastes are imperative in the kitchen, the aromas that spread throughout the air, the flavor. Organize your herbs, distribute them in the outdoor kitchen and be ensured that they are always at hand. We have several suggestions but what unites them is the functionality, the beautiful minimalist design and the low maintenance, where your plants will grow happy and cheerful! In the kitchen, your herbs will shine.



urban garden para plantas

Normann Copenhagen

floreira herb stand


floreira Mini garden


marcadores para ervas aromáticas




chopping and cutting boards

Inspiration in the kitchen begins with accessories that allow you to dream and give wings to creativity. Also essential are the boards that offer endless possibilities of use. In wood that fits perfectly in any garden, we also have plastic suggestions from Eva Solo, which ensures hygiene and prevention of bacteria transmission. Along with the boards, the cutting accessories are essential aids for outdoor lunches and dinners.

Eva Solo

conjunto de tábuas de cozinha


tábua para pão


extraklasse facas de cozinha

Eva Solo

corta pizza





The solution to pack all objects in a functional and irreverent way. And because it is weather and water resistant, it is a perfect alternative to organize the accessories. In black or white, combine your Box's as you like and notice how simple and fun it is to keep the objects in place in boxes that do not compromise the decoration. From dinnerware, to napkins or other cooking utensils. Arranged in practical boxes, it will be much easier to have everything in order in the outdoor kitchen.


Eva Solo

Taças com asa em inox

Eva Solo

espremedor de citrinos




ítaca serviço de jantar




the bar

The best space in the garden. Because summer calls for fresh cocktails, caipirinhas near the pool and natural juices. Dedicating a spot just for drinks is a right choice. Practical, so that family, friends and guests don't need to get inside all of the time. Just use an ice bucket, make sure you have all the bar accessories at hand and the secret ingredient: a Roll trolley that let you bring your drinks wherever you want: near the dining table, next to the sun loungers or the sofas in the garden; the removable tray increases the comfort and the ways of using Roll.


Normann Copenhagen

butterfly abre latas


moldes para gelo

Eva Solo

balde para gelo


conjunto para bar