The perfect match between jazz and design, a surprising marriage, a fascinating mix between these two worlds.




Kristalia was founded in 1994 by the hands of young entrepreneurs that get together their two great passions: jazz and design.

Their pieces are contemporary but maintain some details of traditional styles. Beauty and quality are the main concern. It's an eco-friendly brand that uses recyclable and renewable materials.

In this competitive market and, over the years, increasingly saturated with numerous companies trying to establish themselves, Kristalia takes a position of leadership and globally loyalty. Renovated, simple and versatile products gain faithful admirers worldwide and promise total devotion to the brand.

The formal minimalism, alongside with the creativity of the creators behind these fascinating pieces, distinguished Kristalia from many other brands.
The need to combine quality with innovation, bring the assurance that Kristalia is a brand to watch out.



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Get ready for Kristalia!