27 May 2016

The magi's world

"Designs without boundaries" We release the new Magis chairs. For children, outdoor or for your home, the Magis chairs are always a success.



"Designs without boundaries"

Come into the Magi's fascinating world: that challenges the design itself, which breaks all the rules, which tests its own limits.

Ethical, poetic and aesthetic,  we know that are some of the adjectives that characterize the Italian brand, which has nearly 40 years of written history in captivating pieces that are truly amazing.
Some pieces, reminds us of fairy tales and princesses. Others, are incredible for its simplicity.

But we never get tireed...
So, for that, launches the new Magis chairs. For children, outdoor or for your home, the Magis chairs are always a success. Versatile, with a unique design and very comfortable, they match any space and bring color and life to your home.




Cyborg lord chairThe armchair that your living room needs. In air-moulded polycarbonate, in several colors, this armchair will be superb in your living room or in your office.

Cyborg lady chair Armchair in air-moulded polycarbonate, fit any room of your home. In several colors, you just have to decide which one combines the most with your home decoration.


Substance chairs - Table chair, frame in ash plywood, natural or stained, with a simple design but very comfortable.

Flower low chair- A low chair in polycarbonate, with cushions in several colors, suitable for outdoor use. It will bring life to your garden.


Seggiolina pop - Children’s chair, in expanded polypropylene, in several colors. Children's room will heve much more fun with these chairs.


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