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A modern, clean and minimalist space: all you need to have a contemporary bathroom.




The bathroom is one of the most important areas of the house.

However, a lot of people don't give this area the attencion that it needs.
Do you ever thought that this is the most private space in you house? That is why, at the time of decorating, we must take into account all these premises.

Normally, the bathroom is also one of the smaller areas of the house; but neither should it be less elegant, functional and beautiful. In the most intimate area of ​​the whole house we should decorate it with style.

If you are looking for a new look for your WC, if you want to turn this in a more sophisticated place, find out the essential accessory by the danish brand: Menu.
Tip: white is the main choice if you want a clean and modern style.




Toilet brush holder 
Smooth, elegant, stable and practical.
The slightly rounded outline personifies pure elegance without pawning stability.



Toothbrush holder 
An elegant toothbrush holder.
A discreet yet modern design.




Liquid soap dispenser
Because your bathroom also needs decoration. 
Simple pieces that stand out for their difference.




Pedal bin
A bin full of personality; but not dramatic.
Just a slight touch on the pedal and the lid opens smoothly




Towel ladder 
An informal and flexible piece to hold towels or bathroom accesssories.
A minimalist design that will make your house glow!


Cotton box
A little box full of surprises to make you feel beautiful​.
To store swabs, cotton balls, hair hooks, jewellery.




Suggested Products

  • White liquid soap dispenser
  • save $ 14.74
    RRP 73.67
    $ 58.93

  • Towel ladder dark oak
  • earn  $ 20.66
    RRP 435.11
    $ 413.35

  • White towel bar 60cm
  • save $ 25.28
    RRP 126.33
    $ 101.06

  • White toothbrush holder
  • save $ 10.51
    RRP 52.60
    $ 42.09

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