"Home is about composing a visual story". 


January begins with news, surprises, new brands and contemporary pieces that offer the essential vitamin to make your house, your home.
With the promise of creating stories on all objects, for any division of the house; with a bold, personal and informal style. The perfect remedy! The mix of elements, in contrast to the combination of the same. The daring and the freedom to risk in decoration.



house doctor



From Denmark...

we bring to Inexistencia the inspiring interior decoration brand: House Doctor. Founded more than 10 years ago, House Doctor ensures the best medicines for a healthy home - for a long time, all the dedication was represented in pieces of art and crafts; In opposition to today, whose main premise is the development of new design products for an even more demanding public.



The company was founded in 2001 and is runned by three brothers, who seem to have creativity running in their genes, who share the love for decoration; As well as the conviction that beautiful interiors awaken the necessary vitamins so that it is possible to enjoy each moment and make it special at home.
The family of doctors has grown, all with the same passion, who daily look for the latest trends and work in the development and design of new objects for contemporary homes with luxurious and surprising designs.

Without ever losing focus on ensuring the best quality, many distributors already make House Doctor reach beyond borders. Europe, Japan and New Zealand are part of the network of doctors who wisely choose the best distributors in the world - we are one of the doctors!
Around this recent brand in the Inexistencia, there are words that define this brand, such as irreverence, modernity and contemporaneity. On the other hand, it also make us fall in love by the delicacy and the romanticism exposed in sublime pieces: Nordic Chic!
We also feel vintage vibes and references in products that go back to the past, and that stand out in this  modernity, being therefore an added value in any decoration - make spaces even more beautiful and offering a smooth balance in any environment. A pure Nordic style, with all the beautiful features that influence the Scandinavian designers.
After all, a house is only complete when we feel that it is our place, that we belong there; our shelter and refuge. It's House Doctor's promise: to ensure that every area of ​​your home reflects your worldview, with details that show off your personality, and pieces in soft colors that help with tranquility and well-being.



Minimalism. History. Style. Inspiring Places. 




house doctor

In clay and wood, in blown and recycled glass.
House Doctor Jars are decorative items that stand out for simplicity in perfect harmony with elegance. With timeless design, they are pieces that last in time: with risky colors, with the sobriety of black or the original greenish tonality. To give life to any decoration, in any space; With or without flowers, in an exhibitor or on the table - the choice is yours.
Assuming a prominent role in any setting, the House Doctor Vases are easy to match with other vases and/or accessories, allowing endless decorations.

In a game of mixtures, when retro meets modernity, there is the wall lamp that, irreverent, will always be a winning bet. Game is perfect for illuminating and decorating any environment, with a touch of edgyness that - in painted black  iron - complete with style the most annoying walls. Elegant, simple design, it projects not only light but also the essence of Scandinavian design.

In the kitchen, the inspiration begins with accessories that allow you to dream and give wings to creativity. In acacia wood, the House Doctor boards are not only a must have but also don't compromise the decoration - on the other hand, for their simplicity and high quality they become, besides a great accessorie, an indispensable utensil: a must Have in your kitchen!
To serve breakfast in bed, to cut your favorite vegetables: the possibilities are endless.

house doctor



Nordic notes

Welcome aboard of the most beautiful combination of colors, shapes and styles: we speak about House Doctor cushions.
For comfortable evenings on the couch , on long winter days - not only the pillows provide comfort and cozy moments but are also a very special note for your decoration. The seats come alive and look more charmig with the cushions - which combined with other colors and patterns, add personality in your home decoration. Stunning design accessories that bring us back to the Nordic charms, create incredible interior settings; in addition, elegance and simplicity offer sophistication and well-being.

Take a change on colors that don't bored you, make you feel comfortable and fit the decor. In the living room, in the room or in that empty space: Funtion is the carpet from House Doctor that promises a cozy atmosphere, along with the pillows, and for being so special brings life to any area. Sophistication and sobriety of color are highlight points on this rug that represents Nordic design so well.


house doctor






Inspirational Places


The magic of lighting in classic design lanterns.
Extend your late afternoons and allow yourself to dream in special and comfortable atmospheres. In black painted iron, the House Doctor Base Lanterns create stunning scenarios - with the simplicity of the Danish design, which allows us to enjoy special moments. A dinner on the terrace, a long conversation on the porch, a social gathering with friends in the late afternoon: all outdoor plans that are only complete with the sophisticated Base Lanterns.
The sobriety of Nordic design, the sophistication and minimalism of the House Doctor brand, the pieces that complete and create scenes that recall classic and timeless films. Let your home tell a story!




The sobriety of Nordic design, the sophistication and minimalism of the House Doctor brand, the pieces that complete and create scenes that recall classic and timeless films. Let your home tell a story!