Time to start thinking about the New Year ... and give a good welcome to the latest brand on loja.inexistencia.com

Our daily life is swallowed by the lack of time, the rush at all hours and minutes of our day. The lifestyle turns out to be an excuse for bad habits and routine breaks, you cannot use that excuse anymore after discovering the latest brand on Inexistencia store.


It is the new brand on Inexistencia store and will be your choice for the New Year!
The essential aid to start 2016 in the best way, with the promise that you will not neglect the healthy lifestyle that, contrary to what is said, takes no time!

Say goodbye to restaurants, to fast food, bad food. With Monbento, even if your life is a rush, it will always be easier to leave behind the excesses. Discover the benefits of this French brand.




The success story, born of masseur and physiotherapist Emilie, who discovered that a small lunch box could be ideal as an alternative to restaurants and the solution to maintain a good and balanced diet, to carry all the meals. The enthusiasm of Emilie's friends motivated her to invest in the brand and in 2009, launched the online store Monbento products.
Innovation and creativity are the words that define the Monbento offering richer product lines that revolve around the Bento lunch box - have fun in the kitchen, create new recipes, use and abuse of these fun lunchboxes ... and let the excuses beside!

Are you able to make a break for a relaxing meal and an appetizing moment, the need to satisfy consumers, forced Monbento to create new products that fit together in the lifestyle of many people.
Also, now, with the variety of products, you can create a group that will be able to join you at lunch time.



Indulge in these lunch boxes, get inspired with new recipes and do not break the good eating habits.


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