03 October 2016

I kept it...but where?

When we need it the most, it seems like everything is missing. Find out how to organize little objects.


With all daily speed, the hurry every morning, the time that pass to quickly or even because of stress, losing small objects seems to happen all the time.

I know that i kept that thing but where?

The keys, the jacket that I really need, the book that was an emergency to finish a work, the lucky bracelet to take to wear on that important meeting, or even the kids favourite teddy bear.

When we need it the most, it seems like everything is missing.

So we need to make some strategies, funtional and pratical storage that allows us to solve some daily problems.

storage and organizationumbrella stands


To determine tactis and encourage the little ones to preserve it.
Why don't you take advantage of returning to work and beginning a new school year, to implement organizational techniques?

storage and functionality

Believe me, put everything in its place will become a daily routine - keeping a modern, unique and very, very functional decoration.
Try it!

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