Founded in 2010. Mobis Prize - Best furniture brand in 2012.High quality pieces. Inspired by portuguese culture. 


Step by step, this brand starts to conquer its spot in the furniture market, so one of its main goal is to bring to the global market products that enhances the natural beauty of the wood. For that, all the pieces and the brand development is in charge of a super team of respected designers and architects, as well as national craftsmen that guarantee sophisticated technology for these pieces.
WeWood was born inside of the family company "Móveis Carlos Alfredo" with a know-how of more than 47 years in manufacture and export solid wood furniture. The perfect match is between the brand and the great environmental concern - since all wood comes from sustainable cultivation.
How fascinating? 
What is national is really good!
See for yourself, find out and get to know the amazing pieces created to promote Portuguese culture and design. 






2 Shelves x2 

Smart shelf in solid wood, fully customizable increasing width or height anytime, creating new storage compartments..




Multipurpose piece in solid oak or walnut. Can become an endless bench, a side or a coffee table.





Sideboard Scarpa

Rectangular sideboard in solid oak. It has two hidden drawers and four divisions divided by adjustable or removable shelves that allows to storage any type of objects. Detail on the doors assembled by hand.

Desk Bolsa

A sleek desk made of solid oak.



Hexa Support table

Table and modular system that can be used vertical or horizontally to fit in different spaces.

Lounge Chair Tree

Lounge Chair with structure in solid wood. Two pillows in our selected fabric.