19 January 2016

Project: single family house at oporto

Foz do Douro is known as one of the finest and most beautiful areas of Oporto. With Douro River as background, the breath taking landscapes and the contrast of the cosmopolitan areas and terraces(...)Breathtaking!


Foz do Douro is known as one of the finest and most beautiful areas of Oporto.

With Douro River as background, the breath taking landscapes and the contrast of the cosmopolitan areas and terraces, it becomes one of the main spots for tourists to visit and for residents to live.
Living just a few steps from the beach, was the decision of a couple of doctors who in 2006 made their dream come true by purchasing a property in Foz do Douro, and trusting the project to the architect Susana Guimarães; she immediately suggested some modifications even before she started the project.

"Customers gave us the entire responsibility of the project," says the responsible for the architecture office, Inexistencia.

The idea, to the future residents of this huge house, was to make a comfortable and warm home, without losing sophistication. Wide spaces, complete, which could satisfy the wishes of the couple owners who love to invite friends and family.

"They wanted a space where everyone feels good and above all use it”, says Susana Guimarães.

Creativity is one of the main characteristic of the architect and decorator Susana G., who turned the basement - the first middle floor - an incredibly and versatile space that becomes, for this reason, the most used area by the owners, because of its diversity. Also in this floor we can find an office, a service area, a laundry and even a cinema room, designed for children, and that delight the whole family.

Continuing to discover this sublime house, we find in the second middle floor the kitchen, the garden and the common room that have a big area of 70 square meters that make it possible - as the owners wish – to have amplitude: it is great for meetings and has the perfect harmony to welcome guests.

living room


"This was not a difficult room to devise. One of our priorities was to extend the room to the garden where you can hear the birds," says Susana Guimarães.

It is simply stunning to see a space like this, which seems to have no end. In this room, we can find furniture from Viccarbe and Nanimarquina, with a slight peculiarity for the LCD monitor that is hidden behind a fake wall.

We continue to go up, always expecting to find many other decor and design surprises, created by Susana Guimarães.
In the next three middle floors, we find the four suites that complete the house, a master suite that belongs to the couple, one for each children and even a guest suite.
In the master bedroom, the headboard consists in two parts - one in sucupira, where are placed the bedside tables, and the top that is covered with wallpaper that goes up till the ceiling.

Also on this floor, the two suites where designed for young children - a four and a six years old - with the advantage of having one bedroom and one room just for play and have fun. With two little boys, the color choice was obvious: blue. But here, most important than the color, the priority was the comfort and a funny decoration. To complete the dreams of the little ones, there are family photos all over the room. The perfect detail!

Finally, on the seventh floor, the huge terrace and a machine room.

The large and beautiful terrace offers a fabulous view over Foz, an outstanding area perfect for a sunset party, a romantic dinner, or just to relax from a busy day.
The decor of this house was made by the architect and interior decorator Susana Guimarães, who have chosen all the materials.
Quartzite was one of the most used materials: for the spa in the master suite bathroom, as well as for the toilet service and certain details in the room.
The most used tones are clearly identified: neutral - beiges and browns – they allow to uncover some of personal taste of the couple. Small color details stand out mainly in shades of red, allowing to create a perfect harmony of colors that contrast very well.

The huge villa was a dream and become realized with the construction of a swimming pool that completed the whole picture of this house, make it very unique.

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