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Hotel Mercure Porto is located right in the heart of the Oporto city, in the history quarter of the city.

The growing demand for Oporto as a tourist destination lead the major hotel chains such as Accor, to make a total recover in their units in this city.
So, Hotel Mercure Porto was subject to a general cosmetic makeover in order to become more modern and comfortable.

hotel project
hotel project

One of the limitations that I found when I accepted to do this interior architecture design was the fact that the Hotel is part of the historic district and therefore can’t do any change in the building. So, the entire project has been designed in order to maintain the building's roots, its identity.
However, as one of the premises was to make the Hotel more modern, nothing better than using very contemporary materials which allowed the perfect combination between the modern and the old. So, I choose the gray mirror, the glass with built-in light and light boxes. In parallel with these materials, I joined the existing marble, at the reception desk, and enclosed in it a glass box with light, which gives it a really modern touch.

The use of warm and neutral colors were also relevant in this project and the orange color was only used in small details to give vividness or enhance a spot. 
The creation of large and open spaces can also be seen in this project and gives the amplitude and modernity needed. So, between the bar and the restaurant the space is completely open and fluid.

From my favorite decorating store,, I chose the carpets, the tables, the jars, the banks and the chairs of the bar and restaurant. All modern and contemporary items that are sophisticated but simple at the same time, just as I like. They are the final touch of my projects, the combination of the harmony of interior architecture and decoration.
Now, my architectural firm,, is starting the total recover of the rooms. Are you curious to see the result? 

Hotel project

Hotel project


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