With training in various areas such as Advertising, Graphic Design, Marketing, Style Consulting, Cinthia Ferreira is...

an authentic sensation in the virtual world, particularly in the blog and facebook.

With more than 300,000 followers, Cinthia assumes to be obsessed for fashion, cosmetic, food and tourism.
Cinthia shares her passions in two different blogs: one truly dedicated to cosmetic, that is her childhood love: Make Up Atelier; and Spicy Vanilla where she shares with readers all her travels, her passion for wonderful recipes, a little bit of culture mixed with daily themes.
So distinct, that stays complete with her faithful followers.

As soon as we discovered the Spicy Vanilla, we challenged Cinthia to explore store.inexistencia.com and introduce the store in her world of reviews. Who better than one of the best bloggers in Brazil for a successful collaboration?!
Together, the Inexistencia and the Spicy Vanilla traveled by countless products, able to captivate and dazzle at first sight.

Cinthia introduces these products better than anyone.



"(...) It is to show the little shopping I did in Portuguese shop Inexistencia, which is the same company as Sweetcare, partner here in the blog, and sent me a super shopping voucher and I was hours picking everything that I want to choose. Now I got everything here in Brazil, I will show to you.
The store works with pieces of incredible designers and super different friends (...)"

This new year start in the best way,

knowing that ahead ... we're waiting for a bright future, full of dreams, ambitions and many projects.