It's party time, joy and lots of entertainment.
It is time to celebrate the Popular Saints !!!

Saint António, Saint João and Saint Pedro are the hosts and the motto for these June nights that last a whole summer.



The color in each balcony, runs through the cities and decorate every corner.
The good mood increases, traditional smells are everywhere. 

Complete the popular party, add originality to tradition and surprise, bringing sardines of the famous Portuguese brand, Bordallo Pinheiro, to the decor of your home.
If you do not know where to spend your vacation or some fun summer days, come and visit Portugal . A country rich in culture and tradition, that in these early days of June invade all cities. Come to meet our Popular Saints and find out some things about our magical culture. 

And why don't you take some of Portugal's culture to your home?


Join the party at the Inexistencia!!