22 June 2017

Get the look#2 summer loading

It is time to embrace the most vibrant time of the year! Prepare your home for summer days.


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The sun season asks for refreshing colors, with life and spirit. Bold and edgy. Classic whites that bring freshness. The hot reds that remind the sunsets. The days are counted by the hand. But there's still time: to give joy, to create beautiful and fresh scenarios, to have everything ready to receive summer at home! Get the Look with some of our suggestions and also with fun and captivating pieces from the Dutch brand Fatboy. 




Formitable xl garden table
The ultimate outdoor experience. Thanks to its shape, you can join all your friends at the table: share conversations, experiences, food...share designs!





Rockcoco outdoor lamp
A rendez-vous between glamour and rock'n roll! An urban chandelier FatBoy style perfect to break up wit monotony - and the first outdoor chandelier. 





The original outdoor puff
Keep it original even outdoors. Super fun and unique, as its name implies, the iconic Fatboy puff, has left the building and it's ready to welcome summer!





Non flying carpet rug
Take the Persian style home. With great detail and fun Persian patterns, Fatboy reinvented and once again innovated. Its colors are the final touch to enjoy sun season. 




FatboyPfffh round puff 
Modern or Vintage? It's your call! Think outside the sit, play, or as a robust coffee table: the sky is the limit.




FatboyBuggle up outdoor puff 
Combining comfort with an outdoor lifestyle, the Buggle-up is the ideal complement for your garden or terrace. Perfect for summer days!




FatboySnacklight tray with lamp
Colour up your life: light, vibrant colors, modern and functional. You will figure out that the tray and the lamp were made for each other!


Suggested Products

Stripesol red parasol
$ 742.32

Stripesol red parasol - Fatboy

Stripesol parasol - Fatboy

Puff original outdoor red
$ 231.43

Puff original outdoor red - Fatboy

Original outdoor - Fatboy

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