07 July 2017

Summer at the office

The poupular lunch boxes are here to stay. Find out how to make a tasty meal at the office.



Still at the office between paper work and dealing with daily stress? Looking forward to be on holiday, but they never seem to come? We will help you to control your anxiety...and much more! We have suggestions for your lunch time at the office!


The lunch boxes came to stay. The meal boxes are companions for lunch time, snack breaks and the best option to have your meals in the office. 

There are several reasons for choosing lunch boxes: less time wasted, reduced costs and a restrictive diet. These seem more than enough reasons to choose it rather than the restaurant down the street. But if you are still not completely convinced, we will give you more suggestions:

ᚑ Helps control your meals
ᚑ Avoid queues in public places, usually full at lunch time
ᚑ Let you choose healthier food 
ᚑ Stimulates creativity in the kitchen when looking for different lunches for each day.

In addition, taking your box allows you to choose the best spot to lunch. With the sun season arriving, why not take advantage of the outdoor spaces and enjoy the good weather? Take a break from the office, greet the sun and have lunch with proper food quality. All ingredients assembled, so that the hot days in the office can taste like summer and be more pleasure!

To whet your appetite, and to make you feel inspired to follow this trend, we present our colorful, vibrant, aesthetically beautiful and functional collection of lunch boxes. They exist for all tastes, in the most varied formats and in several colors. 




mobento lunch boxes

Innovation and creativity are the words that define Monbento, offering an increasing rich line of products involving the bento box. The concerns with healthy choices for your work office, let Monbento create and innovate its collection. 

A winning brand with several awards and distinctions, for its functional lunch boxes inspired by traditional Japanese lunch boxes now adapted to European cuisine. The French brand offers a variety of models and colors so you can choose the one that you identify the most with and that matches with your personal style.

Hermetic containers, all boxes include an elastic strap that keeps the containers closed. To complete, it's suitable for microwave and dishwasher safe.



black blum


black blum lunch boxes

Located in London, Black Blum produces affordable design products without losing quality. The aim is producing innovative products that fascinate and make the day more fun and happy.

There is no sincere love than the love for food, George Bernard Shaw - and it is in this concept that Black Blum is inspired to create the most fun and functional lunch boxes. Beautiful lunch boxes, easy to carry, light but at the same time they are design products. Preserving the taste and aroma of food, Black Blum boxes are perfect for any type of food, serving not only for transportation but also suitable for microwave.

Simple to take wherever you want, make lunchtime perfect, with a tasting of flavors!





 bon appétit!




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