Haven't you thought about how to prepare your home for Easter? How to set the table? What to serve? How to deal with decoration? We have wonderful ideas for you. With Alessi, and the amazing Dressed line, everything is possible. Just use the pieces with some creativity!


art and poetry in exceptional and remarkable creations, by the "Dream Factory": Alessi. The Italian dream brand, that inspires and persuades by its artistic design and stunning pieces
These are objects we love to have at home - for everyday use, for pleasant decorations. Since 1921, Alessi is recognized for the high quality of its products and for successful partnerships.

But, of course, the best partnership of all will be decorating your home for Easter.





is a dream collection, of sensibility and notoriety with details. By the hands of Marcel Wanders, Dressed is a winning and magical collections.




Marcel Wanders grew up in Holland, where he also graduated - at the School of Arts in Arnhem, in 1988. He gained notoriety in 1996 with the innovative design of Knotted Chair. In 2005, he was editor of The International Design Yearbook and during his career he has been member of juries at several design and decoration competitions. Traditionally, rules require that decoration must be applied in the most important and visible areas of the project. Wanders, on the other hand, applies them in isolated areas that are not in plain sight, in such a way that it can be called introverted decoration. So, although he uses a signal language, rich and complex, a bit flowery and extravagant, Wanders can still preserve a certain level of elegance and general lightness.


marcel wanders designer

With an enviable career, Wanders is the artist behind the collection we have chosen for you.



good morning with charming

Starting the day with a hot and tasty coffee is the motto for a day full of happiness. For this festive day, the cups will be the perfect pair for the spoon latte macchiato, elegantly decorated to stir your coffee with refinement. The simplicity of the cup contrasts in harmony with its surprising base; as well as the saucer that presents a delicate and beautiful relief that will delight you.


alessi breakfast


the beauty of Dressed

Dressed line is considered an elegant and beautiful collection that adds luxury to any table, especially for special occasions - like Easter. Dressed dining services adds charm to the table, with the sophistication and timeless of white porcelain. A passionate collection that is not only useful for serving but also for decorating. This Easter, add magnificence with Dressed.


dressed alessi colection


the magic of details

In this collection all the details turn out to be surprising. Elegantly decorated, all pieces and details are thought and created based on the Wanders decoration rules, which uses signal language, rich and complex, a bit flowery and extravagant. It is in these unusual mix that we find the best design, in the magical details that enchant each piece.


alessi dressed details



For a perfect Easter!


At the table all your guests will be surprised: the decorated border contrasts with the plain background, ready to receive the food. Delicate, they are a design piece by themselves and will always be a surprise, like the first time...


The recipe for a tasty Easter - Easter pie, by Alessi

For a special date, a tasty recipe, to mark the day with the family.


easter alessi's recipe



  • 400 g of puff pastry
  • a bag of fresh spinach
  • a bag of corn or fresh salad
  • a lemon
  • 4 eggs
  • extra-virgin olive oil
  • salt and pepper



Spread the puff pastry and cut rectangles of about 4x8 cm. Arrange them on a low casserole and bake in an oven for about 15 minutes at 180°.

Wash and dry the salad and spinach. Cook the eggs in water, cold at first, for 8 minutes from when the water boils, cool them down and shell them. Cut them from top to bottom in slices 1/2 cm thick.

Season the salad and spinach with oil, lemon, salt and pepper. Whip the pie in the dishes, interlaying the puff pastry, salad, spinach and the egg until you have three layers.

Finish off with a thread of oil and a pinch of salt.



Serving: 4

Cooking time: 40'



The traditional dessert


Keeping the Easter tradition, for dessert, you can't miss the sweets: almonds, chocolates, funny bunnies for the little ones and cookies for everyone. A sweet on this day will keep the doctor away!

Have fun, share memories with your family and ensure a table full of love...and delicious meals!

alessi deserts