05 December 2016

We ♡ christmas: our favourite products!

Celebrate with us the magic of this season: the products that, secretly, we love the most.


we love christmas

This season spreads magic and at Inexistencia we can't be indifferent to the festive spirit!
In this time of year that everybody has in mind christmas, we want to keep the tradition by showing the pieces we love the most, our gift suggestions, our highlight products.
Get inspired: to offer a gift to the person you love the most, to surprise your friends, to decorate your home for christmas. 



Sara favourites

Sara is a hopeless romantic and so she can't resist products related to love.
A nut splitter or a heart cake stand - hearts are everywhere. 
As well as christmas spirit that is the keyword for this time of the year.


Helena favourites

Since Helena adopted a little cat, her Kiko, she can't be indifferent to these cute animals. 
That's why Minou has a special place in her heart. As well as the biscuit box by Alessi...because there is nothing more delicious than a winter afternoon, between blankets and cookies! 



Teresa favourites

In Teresa's choice the simplicity is the motto. 
A candle holder full of romance, the fun and sweetness of a surprising Kastor or a sardine that brings out the life and magic of New York. 
For this christmas the choices are endless. 



Ivone favourites

For this christmas, Ivone have chosen some products that reminds us of fantasy...that characterize very well this festive season.
Stunning candles, a beautiful spot of light, plates with little angels in gold. 
We feel that Christmas is arriving, right?! 



Tania favourites

For book lovers, details are quite important!
If you have a friend like Tânia, that loves reading, her suggestions are precious: a book holder to keep your book collections, and an amazing lighting. 
The perfect spot for the colder days. 


These are our suggestions, but the choice is yours!

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