16 May 2016

Trends 2016

Find out, get inspired and keep up with the spring/summer trends. Color, pink and blue, and much more...


Get ready to welcome longer days, the vibrant colors of the sunset that swallow the sea on the horizon, the flowers to decorate the naked branches of trees. Intense shades that perfectly marry the serene melody of chirping birds.
We smell the spring, the essence of happy seasons and the approach of summer.



The change, the need to renew, to want to get into the spirit of these new seasons.
However, re-organized furniture, wallpaper, decoration and design at home is never easy. The feeling of never knowing what to choose, the trends are constantly changing and the pieces are so beautiful that it seems that it is never possible to choose only the essentials!

The Inexistencia store shows our favorites for these new times!
It's time to say goodbye to the cold weather, the dark colors and the sad environments.

Say hello to colors, to the vivacity, the urge to embrace the sun!








The tones of the sea join the wood, creating a beautiful symphony between the sea and the land, culminating in a fascinating world of nature even inside your home.

The decor elements remember us the countryside, with fascinatingflowers contrast with the maritime world where we feel the blue sea in perfect agreement with the white.



Know that the sun can join you in little details in the decoration of your home.

The energizing colors, remind us the sunny environments and happiness every day, it fits absolutely the trends for spring / summer 2016.
They are strong and scream for attention, without compromising the sense in decoration.

Vibrant and cheerful, ensure that the sun is always on your side and illuminates all the areas of your home.





The peacefulness and the calm, relaxing with a book under a clear blue sky color.

This spring, you will not need to leave home to feel the calm of the sunny skies: Serenity ensures the best break in time, as if it shape your state of mind and gently kiss your inner peace.

Just as Rose Quartz, which guarantees the balance and delicacy within the four walls of your home. Turn your home in a unique place, dipped in harmony with Quartz, which conveys the feeling of a serene sun, compassion, well-being.




Feel that your home is the best place in the world!

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