Interior architecture: Susana Guimarães


The timelessness is the base of all my projects and my decoration. Fashion is there, in essence, but, all my effort and time goes to interior architecture, better than decoration.

The interior project decoration in Vale Pisão was a project that combines the decoration cabinet and the and the result was a perfect combination between design and decoration.

The challenge in this project was focused on a specific request of their owners: to transform their home in Vale Pisão in a practical space, clean and above all habitable, to be used by the owners, friends, on the daily bases, always. Deep down, it escapes the stereotype of a too filled decoration that is visually beautiful but impractical to live in on a daily base.

Vale Pisão is near Oporto, 30km away. It is an extraordinary beautiful location, in the countryside. The villa is included in a gated community that contains several other villas and a golf course. The ideal place to live away from the rush of the big cities.

The villa in this project has seven demi floors.

Well, this was my very first challenge: how to connect this seven demi floors in a smooth way. Choosing great materials, colors and lighting was vital to achieve the fusion of the different spaces, making it visually into one. In the case of lightening, it is important to refer the design lamp that comes from the roof towards the ground floor crossing all the floors. This lamp, as a design piece, is one of the icons of the house.In fact, for me, as interior architect, lightening is the essence of a good decoration so, in this villa, we used crown moldings and leds all over the place. This lighting combined with warm colors, such as browns, nudes and ochres, provides a warm and cozy environment.

I was really interesting to explore some of the spaces of this villa. One of the owner’s requisite was to create a work space that wasn't a simple office. So, taking advantages of a winter garden that exists in one of the floors, we linked the suite, the closet and the office in one big open space. So the office can’t be considered a division because it has no walls or boundaries.
Some other spaces that we worked in this decoration project were the two terraces, one private and another one that is more versatile, because it is an extension of the living room and is also used as a living room.

Finally, I would like to highlight the detail of the service bathroom which has a wallpaper with the same color of the living room wallpaper. This service bathroom turns out to be the most used and therefore the decoration was thought to detail, to make it different, unique.

The images clearly show what I described in this text. A simple house with a clean decor but at the same time very cozy.