On the most romantic month of the year, Inexistencia is also filled with love.
It is the romantic spirit that lead to passion and contaminates the environment.

Start the count down for Valentine's Day, by thinking about the gifts, the plans for the night and work on the details. For your soulmate, for all the girlfriends and boyfriends, in Inexistencia we have the best suggestions of gifts and plans, for a perfect day: for two!
A souvenir, a more edgy gift, a tender kiss, a reminder of old traditions - do not be shy, it's time to let your heart speak louder, the essential ingredient for a wonderful Valentine's Day.

Pamper the love of your life and celebrate the February 14th the best way ever!



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For girlfriends

The romantic

The one who let herself be wrapped up with affection demonstrations and the one who can't resist a romantic walk, by the sunset. The one who is the number one fan of romance movies, dramas or romantic comedies. The girlfriend who feels the happiest girl in the world, when she is surprised by flowers or an unexpected program. Are your soulmate like this? Then discover the gift suggestions, which will make the most romantic girlfriend fall in love with.



Lovebirds... A lifetime love!
When they touch beaks, they only have eyes for each other!


It's time to celebrate love! A delicate and pure statuette, with two figures in shades of red to distribute love.


Bordallo Pinheiro

A sardine that is a promise of love. This sardine represents the endless love.

Alessi To, much more than a simple mug, a message. This mug is the perfect gift for special occasions.


The addicted to coffee and tea

For the girlfriend who loves a large cup of coffee each morning and doesn't resist a cup of tea at the end of each day. For the one who don't spend any day without the daily dose of caffeine; or whose bottle of tea is always on the desk. For all girlfriends whose day doesn't start without one of these drinks. Is that your valentine?



For true coffee connoisseurs. Or for girlfriends that don't start the day without a cup of coffee.

CovoA little gem of aesthetic wisdom and expert craftsmanship. Ciacaps teapot, tea with another flavor.




Alma Gemea Nothing represents love better than a gift by the brand Alma Gemea (=Soulmate). Their teacups will make your girlfriend love tea even more. 

AlessiWith Dressed coffee cups, coffee has a whole different flavour. A lovely set to elegantly serve coffee. 


The vain

For the girlfriend who retouches the lipstick in front of the mirror of the car, the one who does not leave home without her favourite accessorie that match perfectly with her outfit. For the vain girlfriend that in any showcase stops to fix her hair and check if everything is in the right place. To make the vain girlfriend back home, even more ... vain! Because men grumble all the time but they just fall in love when they see their beautiful girlfriend.



Simple in its aesthetic and idea, yet impressive in use, materials and diversity. The perfect mirror!


LexonTake your time: it's time to shine. Even more! Elegant, with a clean look, is the perfect gift!




ReisenthelShopping or travel bag: because for every vain girlfriend likes to go shopping and travelling with style!

Holme Gaard

An excellent gift idea...For your girlfriend keeps her earings, the rings and the neckless. Practical and beautiful


The funny one

The girlfriend who is always laughing, well-disposed and that has an easy laughing. Who loves different and unique objects, who is always available and is the queen of good mood. The girlfriend who give life to any party, who has the most beautiful smile of all and is the light of any place. Special people, special gifts... and fun objects, of course!


AuthenticsFunny Money! Surprise your girlfriend: Ideal as a long-term capital investment and crisis's proof.

LexonBecause every funny person love music. Hoop, the perfect speaker: loud and clear!




AlessiAnna G: her job is to help you enjoy a good wine with no effort at all. e amuse everyone by her lush and unusual shape. 

BoskkeSky Planter by Boskke: challenges gravity by encouraging us to have a greener environment at home. 




For boyfriends

The one who loves to cook

The one who loves to cook
The boyfriend who is always ready to invent new meals, new combinations of spices, who loves to innovate and prepare dinner. Who likes to receive friends and make the most improbable and tasty dinners, who reunites the family at the weekend and cooks for her girlfriend. For the cooker back home, our suggestions are as modern as practical and very, very, useful!

Normann Copenhagen

An elegant and useful timer, that helps you time your cookings, so that they turn out perfect!


Light, discreet, yet elegant and precious. Always available! To stir, taste, and rest till the next round!!!


Black Blum

Olive oil, vineger, that special sauce...Just Perfect!! An edgy and modern item, for the boyfriend who loves to cook. 


For your boyfriend dress with style, even in the kitchen: a charming cook, always raises the level of the dinner


The addicted in technologies 

Yes, we could not forget the boyfriends who do not refuse an electronic game, who is always aware of the latest technological events, the boyfriends that can't live without his Iphone and Ipad. The design and decoration brands, also think on these electronic fans and for that many brands create amazing products, thinking on technology and design.


A LED system specially designed for your iPod or iPhone. It combines several chores in one single object. 


A lamp? An alarm clock? Yes, the Multibook! Multibook can be personalized with a photo or a dedication.



MenuDesigned to look like a lock, it will be the branding piece of your luggage. Super modern!

RotalianaMultipot uses LED technology to light up and has a vase shape where several electric wires fit in. Perfect for the boyfriend addicted in technologies, 



The wine appreciator 

For the boyfriend who enjoys a good wine, who does not skip a glass of wine at meals, and who always choose wine as a drink at dinners with friends. The boyfriend who loves the bottles, which values ​​the history of the cork; who is considered a Bacchus lover. Here are our suggestions for the boyfriends who just love a glass of wine.



Tipsy, an original exhibitor for the wine bottle. A decorative object with unprecedented functionality !


A simple yet elegant decanter; The drop-free mechanism prevents drops from smudging the table cloth.



Eva Solo

Talyzer has a brand new and unique way of dealing with wine..Wait until your boyfriend see this amazing creation by Eva Solo.


Each wine history lays in the cork; and all wine lovers know it. Cork presenter has a fundamental role in the contemporary design courtesy.




Funny one

For the energetic boyfriend, happy and always in a good mood, we could only select products that match his spirit and, somehow, personify that state of mind. For the boyfriend who laughs and makes you laugh, always willing to light up the environment, nothing less than items that will match their personality. Look what we stand out for your fun boyfriend.

Bordallo PinheiroSuper Zé Sardine, for the super boyfriend! A colorfull sardine with a very special




Oli is the most incredible piece by Mpfxdesign. The olive plate for every olive in the world...and for your funny boyfriend, of course!



AlessiSandro M.,  is the corkscrew by Alessi, with his big smile promise fun at your table. With Anna G., they are the perfect match!

Materiayour memory voodoo. If your boyfriend can't remember a thing, Pino is the perfect help: with sense of humor and always available. 



It's all about love!



To be continued...