01 June 2015

Wallpaper hanging instructions with hollow joints

Tutorial: How to make a emphasize seams wallcovering


Before applying the wallpaper

Always check the wallpaper: length, reference, color or any visible defect.
If any of the wallpaper features are not in accordance with your order do not cut or apply the wallpaper.
Contact the store where you bought the wallpaper to report the issue.
Elitis doesn't accept claims after cutting or attaching the wallpaper.

Prepare the seams

The wall must be perfectly clean and dry, without imperfections or irregularities.
Draw a vertical line with a level or a laser level, and use it as a guide to place the edge of the wallpaper.

prepare the seams for the wallpaper

Don't forget you need to add 2 cm to the width of the wallpaper.
Apply the ink from the center line, 2.5 cm on each side. The stripe should be approximately 5 cm wide.
Trace another vertical line to provide guidance when attaching the next strip of wallpaper.


Apply the paste on the wall

Apply the wallpaper paste

Use a special adhesive for wall textiles and glass-textile fabrics for a normally absorbent wall and follow the manufacture instructions.
Apply the paste with a roll or a paste brush on the wall, covering the whole surface of the first drop, up to the vertical line.

Apply the wallpaper on the wall

Apply the wallpaper

remove air bibbles from the wallpaper

Apply the wallpaper on the wall and following the vertical line with the edge of the wallpaper. 
Eliminate all air bubbles with a smooth brush form the center to the edges.

Cut the extra wallpaper

Cut the extra wallpaper with a cutter, at the top and the bottom of the wall.

apply wallpaper

Do the same for the following stripes of wallpaper.

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