17 April 2017

Woman's day

Close to celebrate woman's day , find out how you can surprised the one that is the most special female figure in your life.



"The woman is a stunning effect of nature."

Arthur Schopenhauer



Who struggled for independence. Who was at the forefront in many confusing situations.
Who proved that every women deserve to be part of a modern world.
Who proved that gender inequality has to end.


Women are all this and much more.

Woman is a mother, is a friend, a companion, a partner, a grandmother, an aunt. Woman is all in one person. And every women deserve to be spoiled ... mainly on this day that is so dedicated to us: women.
They have a unique essence, a singular sensibility.

8th of March is the Women's Day!
Here, Women have always a privilege place!



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Jewellery flacon

Feminine, functional and as elegant as the jewels of any woman.
Spoil the most special woman for you...and ensures that all the stories behind their favorite pieces will be safe forever!



Take time long gold watch

It is time to add a little bit of glow to the woman of your life.
Take Time Long Gold is the clock that will make a difference on the wrist of every woman ...
Elegant, with a clean look, and always on time...A great gift!



Birds by toyka red cardinal 

To turn up the decoration and to warmm the heart of any woman!
Exotic, in vibrant colors, with a strong personality - Red Cardinal will dazzle and hypnotize. The perfect gift!


Celebrate this day with your Mother, your Girlfriend, your Wife or your Best Friends.
Surprise them with some special gifts.



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